Our Christmas trees are Nordmann firs, which are grown on large areas close to Denmark’s most beautiful fjord, Mariager Fjord. The area is particularly suitable for Christmas trees, as the fjord’s warm air currents over the area in winter ensure an optimal climate for the trees to avoid frost damage. The plantation areas are set in beautiful and hilly countryside, where most of them are surrounded by larger forests that provide shelter for the Christmas trees.

The area is landscaped like gardens, surrounded by windbreaks, with a varied selection of tree species that protect the nature and abundant wildlife of the area. Professional knowledge has been used to ensure architectural cultivation that gives the Christmas trees the best growing conditions.

Provenances are recognised and among the best found on the Danish market. All provenances are purchased with proof of origin from Danish garden centres. Before planting the gardens, the soil is treated with all the necessary nutrients, as well as lime, ensuring that the saplings get off to a good start.

The trees are checked many times a year, and all trees are pruned by hand from the fifth year of life, to form them into traditionally shaped Christmas trees.

Price list for processing

1. Marking per piece DKK 3.
2. Felling and hauling DKK 6.
3. Netting DKK 6.
4. Palletizing with pallet per piece DKK 1000.
All prices are ex. VAT.


Billede af Nordmannsgran

Nordmann fir

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Nordmann fir is the most popular Christmas tree in Danish homes and is well suited as a Christmas tree and cut greenery.
Billede af Rødgran2

Norway spruce

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Norway spruce is one of the most common trees in Danish forests, and it is one of the most popular Christmas tree varieties in Denmark.

Noble fir

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Originally from western America, the Noble fir is one of the most suitable for cut greenery and Advent wreaths.