1.7.2020 | Article of Förster Jakobsen

New manager of Förster Jakobsen

Forest Ranger Jens Christian Gerdes is acceded as
manager of Förster Jakobsen.

Förster Jakobsen have a long and proud tradition of culturing and sales of Norwegian spruces for more than 30 years, and the company have in many areas been one of the leaders of the business in comparison to new cultivation methods and streamlining care, as well as reprocessing.

Forest Ranger Jens Christian Gerdes is the new manager, and he has more than 10 years of experience of culturing and sales of Christmas trees, and he is looking forward to continue and developing Förster Jakobsen the coming years.

Today, Förster Jakobsen operates approximately 150 hectares, the majority of which are planted with Christmas trees.

“We expect that in the coming years we will be able to continuously expand our growing area, as we believe there is a future in the diving and sale of Christmas trees in Denmark, ”says Jens Christian Gerdes

Investments and development

He would like to work on the idea of ​​sustainable cultivation through the use of the latest knowledge as well as already known effective methods.

Förster jakobsen is part of the John Frandsen Group, where also real estate agent John Frandsen himself finds the industry exciting and has great expectations for the development in the coming years, and therefore investment in growth and development for the Christmas tree company.

Jens Christian Gerdes looks forward to being at the forefront of Förster Jakobsen, although it will be long working days, lots of exciting challenges and where accessibility is a necessity.

“I look forward to a really good collaboration with the good colleagues in the Christmas tree industry. See you at Langesømessen Stand 92A” he says.

Forester Jens Christian Gerdes can be reached on tel +45 3069 0310

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